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Photo Gallery

NOTE: All pictures have been scaled down in size for web browsing purposes.

Cutting a star via XD

Cutting a star via XD2

WaterJet cutting a hole

WaterJet cutting through 40mm Bullet Proof Glass

Cutting through 10mm Bullet Proof Glass

XD Cutting Flow Logo

XD at 60' Angle

Waved Bullet Proof Glass

Waved glass after cut, split view

Discarded side of Bullet Proof Cut

Piecing thick rubber on 6mm steel base

Eagle Cut from thick Rubber

XD cutting mild steel bracket

Red Hot Water 1

Red Hot Water 2

Red Hot Water 3

Red Hot Water close-up


Images below were cut December 2011. A high chrome, white iron w/app. 27% chrome content pipe with a ID 800mm and wall thickness of 120mm. - hardness 652bhn hardened to 60 rockwell.

Large Pipe Image 1

Large Pipe Image 2

Large Pipe Image 3

Large Pipe Image 4

Large Pipe Image 5

Large Pipe Image 6

Large Pipe Final Cut

More to follow soon.......