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About Stainless Technologies

Stainless Technologies was founded in 1998, mainly supplying the boating industry with stainless steel accessories for marine use. The company started out as small one man business, but it quickly grew to be a professional, stable, trustworthy company supplying to both manufacturers and the private sector.

This soon grew to a more stable supply for the boating market supplying stainless products used for both salt and fresh water usage, including handle bars, roll/ski bars, safety cages, keel strips, fly bridges, railing bars and retractable canopy's for a wide variety of boats.

Original Operations

The company's main focus is on extreme quality and perfection.

Early 2000 the company acquired the current factory in Springfield, Johannesburg where they work in now. With more space for storage and equipment the company soon started to prosper even more. Many new machines were acquired to speed up production and increase quality of products manufactured.

The company now has the facilities to produce a variety of stainless products, including furniture, studio stands, concentrating more on prototyping.

Expanding our capabilities...changing focus...

We have expanded our range of capabilities over the years, and we are not stopping progress:

2010 Marks the addition of our XD WaterJet cutting machine, unlocking potential of 3D Profiling that has to date been unseen in the South African Market!

Stainless Technologies was the first company to import a Flow XD Mach4 WaterJet Cutting machine into Africa.

With a changing market, and the acquisition of this new capability that Stainless Technologies have decided to shift their focus somewhat on their products, now focusing more on providing cutting services to clients in the South African market.  We have seen a gap in this market..and we are aggressively taking on the challenge to provide this much needed service to our customers.

Since early 2013 the company expended its service offerings beyond the South African borders.  The reason for this move is based on the mere fact that the South African exchange rate makes it more profitable for foreign companies to trade. Overall production costs after currency exchange are lower which in turn means higher profit margins at the end of the day.

In November 2013 the company acquired a new CNC Lathe in order to minimize outsourcing turning services. The result will mean lower production costs and faster turnaround to customers, which is a major driver to improved client satisfaction.

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