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office +27(0)11 434-0262
fax +27(0)11 434-0262
e-mail: info@sastainless.com

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Drawing Capabilities
We have onsite CAD systems to interact with the CnC capabilities of the cutting software:
  • CAD Supported - all versions up to AutoCAD 2014
  • DXF File Format Supported
  • Corel Draw x16 Supported (Note: Export to DXF format may alter overall design)
Materials we have cut to date (last added to this list 20 December 2011). Date next to item indicate first time cut of material.
Stainless Steel - Nov 2010
Aluminum - Nov 2010
Mild Steel - Nov 2010
Glass - Dec 2010
Wood - Dec 2010
Ceramic - Nov 2010
Tungsten Carbide - Dec 2010
Granite - Jan 2011
Tool Steel - Jan 2011
Composite Plastics - Feb 2011
Titanium - Mar 2011
Aircraft Grade Aluminum - Apr 2011
White Iron w/27% Chrome  - 652bn hardened to 60 rockwell - Dec 2011
Perspecs - Feb 2012
Silver - Feb 2013
Copper - Mar 2013
Brass - May 2013

Titanium Ti-6Al-4V (Grage 5) - Oct 2013
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Additional Services we can provide to you as our valued customer.

Stainless Technologies have a wide variety of stainless processes which includes:

Argon TIG Welding
Laser Cutting
Plasma Cutting
Flame Cutting
Tube Bending (Both tight and long radius)
NEW!! CNC Lathe as of November 2013!

Bring your plans and we will not only make it for you, but will also help you improve the design for better appearance and durability.

Also have a look at our FAQ's...
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Laser Cutting
Metal Cutting
Any materials possible
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