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Photo Gallery:

The links below each photo is the full uncompressed immage.
(Sizes from .5 to 2Mb depending on the Camera I used)

Please note:  All full sized downloadable images have their digital data untouched, to get the full information re. exposure, time etc you can right click on the photo and go to the summary page.  I use these pages to compare some digital cameras I've used over time.


New Terrarium:

Panasonic MX300 DV (1568x1152) 508Kb

Panasonic MX300 DV (1568x1152) 412Kb

Panasonic MX300 DV (1568x1152) 411Kb


Sleeping Beauty:

Panasonic MX300 DV (1568x1152) 449Kb

Panasonic MX300 DV (1568x1152) 434Kb


Just After Shedding (+- 8 months old)

SONY DSC-F707 (2048x1536) 1.35Mb


Before shedding (one week before previous pic)

SONY DSC-F707 (2048x1536) 1.39Mb

SONY DSC-F707 (2048x1536) 4.32Mb (Beautiful printed photo @ 2440dpi)
(Image toned up for printing with NikonView V6.0)


Just after shedding - Night Shot (7 month old dragon)

SONY DSC-F707 (2560x1920) 1.8Mb
(Another beautiful image when printed - Heavy on Black!)