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I did this website many years ago, but due to
demand for some of the info I decided to leave
it running indeffinately.  I am not planning to make further updates.

You are still most welcome to contact me.

Last updated: 15-05-2017

Welcome to my Asian Green Water Dragon page. 
(Psysignathus Cocincinus)

This site is dedicated to the research and help of captive
Asian Green Water Dragons.  It was inspired after many efforts to gain more knowledge about these marvellous creatures.

I am in no way an expert in the field, and can only tell you what I have learnt from my experiences with my water dragons.  I have learnt a great deal from other websites (check out the water dragon web ring page for lots of links I use) and books, and dedicate this site to any new enthusiastic interested in keeping these lovely creatures.




Cage/Terrarium (ideas and size) (My first attempt)
Cage/Terrarium (Best suited for up to 4x WD's) (NEW Design)



Photo Album (Take the tour!)

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