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Precision Cutting Precision Cutting

Mini Gallery (w/info):cutting_stone

CLICK HERE for larger Photo Gallery

Cutting a star via XDCutting out multiple star shapes out of a sheet of Aluminium at variable angles.

WaterJet cutting through 40mm Bullet Proof GlassThis is a sheet of 8mm Bullet Proof glass being cut for the purpose of shoving how fast Water Jet technology can cut through it, without breaking a sweat.  Go to our Video page to see it in action!

Cutting through 10mm Bullet Proof GlassThe sheet of Bullet Proof glass above is now being cut through it's length to demonstrate the versitility of the system.  We even included a patterned effect.  Go to our Video page to see it in action!

Waved glass after cut, split viewHere you can see the Bullet Proof glass after it is cut, top and bottom parts.

Waved Bullet Proof GlassSame sheet of Bullet Proof glass above, close up.

Eagle Cut from thick RubberWe cut a Eagle Statue here out of Thick Rubber on a 8mm steel base.
Go to our Video page to see it in action!

XD cutting mild steel bracketAn example of how the Water Jet system with Dynamic XD is cutting at extreme angles. Go to our Video page to see it in action!

Red Hot Water 3Go to our Video page to see it in action! : A brilliant photo (and Video) where you can see the Jet of water cutting through thick metal while cutting a bracket.  You can actually see the red hot jet stream as it is slicing through the metal like a hot knife through butter.

Large Pipe Image 3One of our more challenging projects where we are going to cut through a thick White Iron cylinder. (See our Enlarged Photo Gallery)

Large Pipe Final CutSame cylinder as above, in the process of being cut at 6000BAR Pressure.